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Welcome to Sloshball!

Welcome to the first annual Sloshball tournament, presented by Ventura Joggers Club! We’re very happy to pull together the community to have a good time, network with like-minded individuals & continue to build up where we call home.
There will be food trucks, music, lawn games, and lots of beer!

WHEN: August 4th; 11am-4pm
WHERE: Camino Real Park, Ventura
WHO: Local Breweries, Small Businesses, Restaurants, Shops & more

This event is intended to bring our community together. The stronger we are as a group & the more we help each other, the stronger we are as a community. Sloshball is just the start! Reaching outside of those we operate with on a daily basis can bring new light in to our individual endeavors.

Did we also mention giving to charity? A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Ventura Land Trust!

We have so much to love about the outdoors around Ventura, so we’re also doing as much as we can to limit single-use products and plastic at our event.

Oh yea, and BEER!

What is my commitment?

Each team is made up of 12 players. If you are being represented by a company/business, your team captain will be the point of contact for your team creation. If you’re here from Joggers’ Club, you’ll be placed on a team with other Joggers!
To play, it is $20 per player.

Do I have to be on a team to be involved?

Friends and family of team players are invited to come and watch. Everyone will be required to check-in and wear a wristband at the event. Beer tickets will be available for purchase to everyone 21+.

If you’d like to volunteer, please email us, here.

How does one play Sloshball?

This game of Sloshball will be played tournament style. Each team will be given an initial time slot, in which they will play another team. The winning team from that game continues on, and so forth. The last team standing, no pun intended, is the winner! They will receive a trophy to hold proudly until next year.

1. Each player must be holding a beer at all times while on the field.
2. Games will last 30 minutes, switching back and forth between teams.
3. Each team elects one of their own players to pitch to them.
4. Each player gets three pitches, regardless of their quality. Each pitch un-hit fairly is considered a strike. Three strikes and you’re out.
5. Any player reaching 2nd base is encouraged to finish their beverage before they are allowed to proceed to third base. Failure to complete this step results in an automatic out.
6. Any time a player hits a home run, play is halted and his/her entire team is invited to join him/her for a toast at 2nd base. This is known as a “team social”.
7. All disputes are settled by The Commissioner, regardless of the teams involved in the dispute. If the call is extremely close, the Commissioner reserves the right to call for a “Dispute Chug Off”, where the dispute is settled at 2nd base by the two players involved.
8. The play comes to an end once the ball returns to the pitcher.
9. A player can be out in Sloshball when:
- The ball is caught by an opposing team member
- They are tagged out by an opposing player
- The player is forced out at a base by an opposition team member
10. To score a run, a runner simply has to safely reach the home plate before the end of an inning.
11. There’s no crying in Sloshball.

Liability and Photo Release Form

You can find that here.


If you’re an individual who wants to play, representing Joggers Club, fill out the form below.
If you’re a business, you should have received a packet to fill out and turn in.

Name *
Payment *
Please choose how you'd like to pay your entry fee. If there are any problems, feel free to leave a note.
If you're joining a team that's already made, let me know, or really anything else you'd like to tell me.